Water Pollution

What can individuals do to curb Water Pollution?

Going hunger you can still do. Imagine going thirsty….! How long can you survive without water? In Indian weather conditions, not more than 3-4 days.

Now imagine having all the water yet not being able to drink it as it is polluted or simply unfit for human consumption due to other reasons! And in India, it happens quite often…! Shocking isn’t it?

If you are one of those individuals who thinks for others (yes, you are a rarity!), here is what you ought to do to keep water potable:


  1. Always keep a list of government bodies, their e-mail IDs and other contact details handy to report any wrongdoing. These details are most easily accessible on CPCB and State PCB websites
  1. Inform the authorities, preferably with facts and evidences in place of any wrong-doing. If no action seems likely, approach the press as well
  1. Never dump household waste or contaminants of any kinds in any stream/ water body which has accesses to a live stream such as a river, pond or lake. You are directly contaminating the groundwater and other people’s drinking water source.
  1. House-hold toilet flush is meant only to evacuate feces and nothing besides. Do not use the same to flush any other wastes.
  1. Inorganic fertilizers are one source of water pollution like nothing else. To the extent possible, use natural, organic fertilizers such as compost, gobar etc
  1. Pests at home too cause water pollution when the means to exterminate them add pollutants to ground water. Owing to this, try and use organic means to exterminate pests such as cockroaches and bugs with a mix of boric power and wheat flour or need extracts etc. NEVER RESORT TO USING BANNED CHEMICALS SUCH AS DDT, MALATHION AND ALDRIN EVER.