Vision and Mission


Fresh air and water, the precious elements of our lives, are dwindling at an alarming rate putting our future generations at risk for which we must act responsibly and fast.

Forests are the lifelines and lungs of the Earth. It’s only the trees that can help us come out of the state of environment/climate crisis we are in today. So our mission is to save and nurture the existing green cover, connecting young minds to Mother nature, develop ecosystem to recharge groundwater table, evolve biodiversity in Anandvan and adjoining forest lands in north and south of Anandvan.

In short, all our activities are aimed at building a self sustainable healthy environment for our future generations .

Our vision is to create many more Anandvans in Pune, a step towards clean and green tomorrow. We wish to extend our learning, knowledge and experiences in long term to agricultural areas lending a helping hand to farmers with new water and soil saving techniques.