Take Pledge

School students taking pledge against plastic useA 12 point pledge

  1. I will consciously work towards conserving nature in its more pristine condition and all my actions shall be diverted towards this activity.
  2. I will try to develop this into a habit and try and inculcate others into this activity. Where possible, I shall also discourage and willfully stop others from promoting or performing acts detrimental to the environment in its present state or likely state in future. For the latter, I shall try and use all legal and constitutional measures in assistance.
  3. I shall try and work with like-minded individuals and increase the scope of environmental conservation.
  4. I shall make my likes, dislikes, ideas and views on the above very open and public.
  5. I shall try to use things, technology and resources which suffice my need and pose minimum hazards to the environment.
  6. I shall, to the extent possible, reduce, reuse and recycle resources in this order so as to suffice my need and pose minimum hazards to the environment.
  7. All my wilful actions shall be geared towards using Mother Earth’s resources with extreme care in the surrounding circumstances.
  8. I shall use energy whether as electricity, fuel or cooking gas in the most judicious manner possible. Where their use seems unjustified, I shall refrain from using them and shall instead look for other better, cheaper and cleaner alternatives.
  9. I shall practice restrain while using non-renewable energy and to the extent possible try and switch over to renewable energy forms.
  10. I shall practice empathy towards all life forms existing on this planet and take care of them to the extent possible.
  11. I shall propagate the idea of preserving and nurturing the bio-diversity existing around me in its natural state. To do the same, I shall take the help and advice of like-minded individuals.
  12. I shall help with the preservation of animal and nature habitats like parks, zoos and sanctuaries.