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What to keep in mind when visiting AnandVan!

AnandVan is a man-made marvel which was once a barren land devoid of trees and fauna and the only thing found here was dust, garbage and litter. No one in their right state of mind would come anywhere close to it in its heydays.

Not any more….thankfully! With the untiring efforts of Shri Praveen Kumar Andand and his dedicated team, a piece of dry land is now a lush green forest-garden with plans to include a jogging track besides other amenities which are guaranteed to make this place a true paradise jungle in the midst of a concrete jungle!


For all of your desirous of coming to AnandVan and spending a day here, the following would be worth observing:

  1. The difference in temperature inside Anandvan and outside it! This is purely due to the tree cover which acts as a buffer between the blistering sunlight and the cool, damp floor of the forest-park. Also, the floor here is full of grass and leaves from the tree which helps keep the moisture intact.
  1. The tree-cover inside Anandvan! Yes it is a forest-park with the first that attracts being the trees. A total of 5000 trees, they form a mix of wild fruits , flowers and ornamental. These by far not only help retain the soil and moisture but are a paradise for small animals such as birds, bees and squirrels which can be seen in plenty here.
  1. Sit quietly under the shade of a tree and observe the undergrowth! What do you see? Ants, worms and all kinds of insects which we practically haven’t seen in years (or in some cases at all!) which though are beneficial for the environment. Any if you are lucky enough, you could a glimpse of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies- something to be seen only on National Geographic otherwise!
  1. Waterbodies! Where would we be without water! We know that today with Pune experiencing water scarcity after 3 decades and understand the importance of water. Anandvan gets its water supply from Tankers and Handpumps.
  1. If you are a good photographer you can come on a Photowalk of Anand Van and can capture some most awesome photographs of nature.