Our work

People’s  collaboration for transforming urban spaces is what we work for. We meet with dissatisfied souls, who are not getting peace to see ugly surrounding specially for environmental spaces . We are nature lovers , believes in social transformation without lecture bazzi and big  books of rules and constitutions. So bate kam Kaam Jyada” is our motto.

To understand our work you have to meet us as pictures and videos of our work just convey what we have accomplished  but a personal meeting will take you in more deeper insights of our dream. Most of us are working professionals in different areas and trades but committed for heart for protection of our mother Earth.  Here are couple of our regular activities.

Work in Anandvan Forest

school participation at Anandvan

Members of Anandvan Mitra Mandal


A. Conservation of Urban Forest Spaces : We closely work for the conservation of forest exists in urban areas to revive them again and to save them from land-mafias. Our team is committed to extend our experience and knowledge to work on similar agenda for anyone and everyone.  We maintain our strong connections with Forest Dept., Ministry, NGOs and Educational Institutions for developing and channelizing social support for protection of Environment.

B. Green Advocacy : AVMM dreams for a greener world and healed nature and therefore we are little sensitive when it comes to advocating healthy and correct policies for our ecosystem. We constantly make all possible efforts on Social and Govt. Platform to stand beside the programmes and products who are harmless for our environment. We raise our voice against harmful plastic, chemical waste water pollution, air and noise pollution and issues like that.

C. Creating a Green Generation: We are closely working with many schools in Pune city for spreading environmental awareness there. As they are the future of India and if they understood the right way to live with the harmony with mother nature , Our job is done. We conduct various “Anand Camp” in forests and take students closer towards nature.

D. Designing Future India:  At AVMM we meet, think and brainstorm for finding best solutions and ways to revive our nature’s beauty. We hold brooms in our hand when we see ugly spaces challenging us and we also pick pen and paper when we want to write a public petition for the sake of protecting our environment. Social media , Street Show , Public Talk , Green Summits and Green Conclave are our favorite tools to design a green and clean India for future.