Our Story

Anand Van Mitra Mandal (AVMM) is a “Public Charitable Trust” (Registered under Society Registration  Act 1860,21 MH 1587/2015/Pune)  based in Pune, Maharashtra, India with the core objective of increasing people’s awareness about Environment, Wildlife, Climate Change and Forest worldwide and  to work towards it.

Anandvan Sign board

The team at AVMM is a mix of devout professionals who include even homemakers who love Mother Earth and want to contribute in its sustainability and biodiversity.AVMM came about when a patch of reserve forest land near NIBM in Pune came under the purview of like minded individuals who took it upon themselves to save it from encroachers and garbage throwers. Their hard work and unstoppable zeal has turned this piece of unattended forest into “Anand Van” i.e .a Forest of Joy.

The initial impetus was taken further when Team Anand Van came up with the idea of a joint social forum involving more like-minded entities into myriad fields to take forward the idea of forest and environment conservation. AVMM truly believes that it is India’s environment, biodiversity, forests and wildlife that is our greatest asset and we ought to preserve the same for all future generations. To this end AVMM is actively involved with training people, conducting plantation drives, forest cleaning drives (Jangle Swatchata Abhiyaan), eco tours, special medicinal plants awareness camps besides conducting competitions to promote love and care for our environment and raise our voice towards its protection and well-being.


Issues such as Global climate change and Environment pollution have spread awareness and made people at large take greater concern for nature and try their best to protect it. A step in the right direction it is though we still are of the opinion that lots more can be done.

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” is what we believe in making the whole wide world one great family. At AVMM too we have room for all. This being knowledge-based activism, . we hope in the long run to make a difference in our lives. In doing so, we hope to be doing the following programmes


Communicate to Educate

Involving people at Anandvan

AVMM publishes, sponsors and creates various communication-related material in audio and/ or video format, e-book, printed research papers, short films and documentaries to spread the message to the world within and outside the country. We want to communicate more and more with young Indian especially school goers as they are the likely change-makers of tomorrow.

We aspire to be part of green conferences, talk shows, presentations and symposium in schools, colleges and organizations worldwide with the firm belief that we have interesting insights and ideas to share with the world.

Do write to us on avmminfo[at]gmail[dot]com or call us on our hand-phones where you have ideas you think are worth sharing with the world.


Know and Advocate

No plastic rally by Anandvan Mitra Mandal


We truly believe that every problem has a solution. and at AVMM, we have developed a culture of researching and expanding the horizon of our knowledge to vis-avis sustainable solutions, and then advocating these to one and all.

It is a given that what you know to be not good, you shall never promote.


The change maker programmes

anandvan after cleaning drive

We are witness to an overwhelmingly positive response from young nature lovers from all over the world who wish to learn more about our environment in all its glory. To give them their dues, we brought forth an innovative programme called “Exploring the Green Gold of India”. Our flagship programme for national and international student, it covers outdoor tours and onsite study in some of India’s most prominent bio-diverse, environmentally rich locations. This programme also includes tours and stay in locations where one gets the chance to unfold and explore India’s amazing wildlife, biodiversity, cropping patterns and forests.

And we stand guarantee to one thing… that post completion of this programmes, your life will have a different dimension with you being the change-maker of your surroundings!


Green Knowledge Tree – An online education portal

Nakshtra Van in Anandvan

We are today in the digital era where every kind of communication is decentralised, online and easily available to one and all. With audio-visual learning being a key component of today’s education, the team at AVMM is fully equipped to spread knowledge using this powerful medium. We are continuously in the process of building a green knowledge tree, an online education portal to spread interesting information and much coveted knowledge about our environment. In our endeavour we seek the participation of Green Gurus worldwide to come and share their knowledge with every seeker through our initiative, the green knowledge tree.

Please do not hesitate to write to us on avmminfo@gmail.com or call us on our mobile if you have any idea to share with us on the above lines.



World Green Bank

green bank donation

To bring change requires resources. To bring about a big change requires big resources. To bring about a change in global mindsets requires humongous resources with the last coming about only when all of humanity comes out as one and contributes its might to make the initiative a grand success. AVMM team believes that to bring change in the society resources are required on larger scale. We thus invite people to invest not only for themselves but for all for their future generations in our World Green Bank.

You could for a start deposit with our Green Bank, an amount as low as INR 1.00 (INR One only) per day for 365 days. With a lock-in period of 20 years, your investment (yes, this is what it is, an investment!) shall fetch you INR 7300.00 (INR Seven thousand and three hundred only) at the end of the tenure which you could either withdraw or in the alternative donate back to us for useful social work.

AVMM would earn from the interest on the money given by the donors which shall be used to expand projects and cover more areas in our mission to make the world a greener place

The volunteers are requested to save and deposit Rs.1/- a day for 365 days in our world green bank and can contribute in giving a great support to our green projects and initiative. There will be a locking term period of 20 years and after that all their savings can be refund back to them. Which means 7300 Rs. Which they can use or can donate back of any other social work. Our profit will come from the interest money of our volunteer which we will use  to expand our projects to cover more areas for our mission.