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For financial support to Anandvan There are multiple ways. However Please remember that Anandvan has not registered under 80G as of now. We won’t be able to give 80G benefits as of now. However we assure you that we will utilize every single penny of your donation for the protection of Environment.

There are many reasons we seek financial help for our kind donors.

  1. Arrangement of Water Resource for Forest.
  2. Arranging Good Manure for plants.
  3. Installation of knowledge boards in Forests.
  4. Maintenance of Forest.
  5. Purchasing tools for Forest work.
  6. Publishing and Printing Expenses.
  7. Labour work in forest.
  8. Salary of Van-Mali in different forest.
  9. Media and Publicity Drives to promote awareness in Society.
  10. Managing our digital IP’s expenses.

Name: Anandvan Mitra Mandal

A.C no. : 50100141276402
Bank : HDFC Bank Shankar Seth Road , Pune 411042
IFSC Code : HDFC0000104