Animal Issues

What can individuals do to curb animal slaughter and poaching?

Slaughtering and poaching animals for parts of their body is a seriously heinous crime against the living condemnable by one and all. No religion or culture permits this…..only greed and superstition do.

This being an organized crime in most cases with its tentacles spread far and wide, what is it that the ordinary citizens can do to curb it? Plenty to say the least like,


  1. Always keep a list of government bodies, their e-mail IDs and other contact details handy to report any wrong doing. When you come across any action that can safely be termed poaching, report immediately to the local Forest Department officials and try and get an acknowledgement for the same. Follow-up on the same and if no satisfactory action seems to have been taken, escalate the matter including publicizing it with the press and on social media.
  1. On a personal level, do the following:
  • Be a minimalist as far as forest produce is concerned including wood pulp, animal parts, herbs etc
  • Be a minimalist as far as natural stuff is concerned such as wood.
  • Paper being a product from wood, use it sparingly and recycle the same for other uses.
  • Create serious social media entities with a cause and use them to exert pressure on policy-making entities for the right cause
  • Love animals with all your heart and help them when they are in need.
  • Going to zoos or sanctuaries, try and cause minimal distractions or hurt to animals.
  • Always be in touch with bodies like SPCA and Blue cross for stray animals’ welfare. In addition, try and help conservation efforts by local bodies and NGOs