Air Pollution

What can individuals do to curb Air Pollution?


It finally boils down to individuals whether they want a clean environment or not. And it is they who are ultimately in a position to report wrongdoings. How? Read on…..

  1. Always keep a list of government bodies, their e-mail IDs and other contact details handy to report any wrong doing. These details are most easily accessible on CPCB and State PCB websites
  1. Report polluting vehicles, industrial units etc, if possible with pictures and the likes which may make the case stronger to nail the offenders
  1. Reduce pollution on an individual basis by:
  • Using more of public transport, shared/ pooled transport, non-polluting transport like walking, cycling, battery-powered vehicles etc.
  • At home, reduce the use of air pollutants which are mostly found in airconditioner/ refrigerator gases, air-freshners and sprays etc.
  • Smoke of every kind is unhealthy be it from an incense stick, a cigarette, dried leaves being burnt etc. Try to reduce/ avoid the same to the extent possible.
  • Plant more trees and see to it that existing ones are being taken care of. Where you see trees being harmed in any ways, take pictures and report to the authorities ASAP.